Summer School 2024 - Introduction to Drama and Acting

Summer School 2024 - Introduction to Drama and Acting

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This is an introductory intensive drama and acting course which focuses on emoting through the body, face, and text.
With a specific focus on the methodologies of the Natyashastra along with a basic introduction to Western techniques, participants will learn to immerse and emote various characters and scenes using group and individual exercises.
Scripts and monologues will be provided.

Open to all over 16 years with an interest in theatre and acting. Suitable for beginners and intermediate learners.


Mon 22 July - Sat 27 July (Except Fri)
Mon - Thur - 6pm - 8pm
Sat - 11am - 1pm

Hailing from a family of artists and scholars, Anvi Prabhu is an award winning multidisciplinary artist with a practice across the fields of theatre/acting, film-making, literature, visual arts, and dance.

As an actor and theatre practitioner, Anvi has extensive training and experience in acting in both India and UK.
She has recently been awarded a talent development residency at London Performance Studios to develop her new solo movement-theatre work in 2024.
She premiered her debut one woman play 'SIX POUNDS FOR DUST' for the Indie Summer festival of Etcetera Theatre in Camden in  2023, and recently appeared in a lead role in the play 'NIL BY SEA' written by Katie Pollock as part of Kibo Productions' Reboot Festival.
In 2021 she shot a lead role for a Channel 4 TV series pilot written by Chrissy Rock and Vince Cleghorne, directed by Peter Sinseeya. In 2019, she appeared in a cameo role in a short dance film 'UNSKIN' by Crimson Black Productions which has been shown globally in several film festivals. 

In India, she has appeared in several Kannada television soaps which include 'Deva Gange' directed by Prashanth Haldodderi; 'Manju Musukida Haadi' under the production of Prakash Belavadi directed by Mohena Singh Shourie, and her most memorable role has been as Sharmila in T.N Seetharam's acclaimed directorial 'Mukta'. 
As a child artist she has also appeared in 'Antaragange', 'Aasare', 'Yettana Maamara', and the telefilm 'Tamra Patra', all directed by her veteran actor/director/writer father Srinivasa Prabhu. 

She is the founder-director of 'MID-LIGHT PRODUCTIONS (Est. 2017), a company specifically meant for the creation of films based on dance and art, and has directed three dance films under the banner.

As a National Award winning Bharatanatyam dancer with over 20 years of experience in performing, teaching and choreography, her emotive abilities have developed a natural and subtle grace and she uses her experience in movement to further enhance her performance as an actor.

Anvi is a graduate of the London Actors Workshop in their general course as well as their Advanced course. 
She has been intensively home schooled by her father Srinivasa Prabhu and has trained under senior theatre artists Nataraj Honnavalli and Gopal Krishna Naire over the years.