Short Courses

Art & Architecture

There is evidence that an urban culture flourished in the Indus valley more than five thousand years ago in the indian sub-continent.

12 Week online course introducing Buddhist, Hindu and Jain rock-cut architecture, temple building and sculpture.

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Vedic Chanting - Key Mantras

Explore and understand the wisdom of the ancient Vedic texts of India.

In this 10-week course, students will learn to chant 3 texts in the traditional manner with the correct Vedic accent, and also understand the meaning of the chants. The texts chosen will allow the students to explore the deeper connection between the mantras and the Vedanta tradition. 

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VidyaaMagna - Immersive Learning for Jathiswara and Shabdam

The Thanjur Quartet, four brothers active in the 18th Century court of the Maratha King Sarabhoji II, were instrumental in formalising the structure of Bharatanatyam as we know it today.

How can we attempt to recreate their world? What was the artistic life like at the time? What are the implications for artists today?

Webinar and 8 lessons with Sai Shankar, former Head of Music at Kalakshetra.

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