VIDYAAMAGNA - Movement workshops for practitioners with MARCELLA CAPPELLETTI & ARCHANA BALLAL

VIDYAAMAGNA - Movement workshops for practitioners with MARCELLA CAPPELLETTI & ARCHANA BALLAL

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Fri 31 March | 6pm - 8.30 pm | £30

* Please note, this workshop will be IN-PERSON only *

Elemental Inquiries - 
Practices for theatre, dance, and music artists.
Lead by - Marcella Cappelletti

Each human being can be seen as one of the many Creative
manifestations of life in this Universe. Through Creativity in
general, and specially through the Performing Arts, one can perceive
precious glimpses of the raw, elemental, and common Nature of Life. The actual and imagined experience of the qualities of this Nature is the red thread that connects many dance traditions, and is beautifully manifest in BharataNatyam.
This session seeks to explore the possibilities of recognising and expressing these Elemental qualities through the medium of Movement. Through simple guided tasks participants will be
led to explore with their own movement and voice, the 5 Basic Elements
that are common in all beings: Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and Aether.
Different definitions of these Elements based on different traditions
(Ancient Greek, Vedic, and Taoist) will be explored.
Through a playful inquiry, participants will be provided with the
opportunity to find internal connections with the external world, as
well as external connections to their internal world.

Lead by Archana Ballal

How we inhabit our bodies, - our everyday movements, gestures, facial
expressions, - is unique to each of us and is an expression of who we
are, our lived experience, our life history, and our internal
dialogues. Dance artists are able to experience a deeper sense of
self-awareness, and realisation of one's body and artistic practice
by exploring their own unique movement profile.
This introductory 
workshop will help participants to inquire into their individual movement through the lens of Laban and Bartenieff’s themes of 'Effort Factors': Weight, Space, Time, and Flow.
It will provide an opportunity to discover what each unique body holds and what this moving body brings to their existing artistic practice, enhancing this, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of how one moves through life.