SHORT COURSES 2024 - Nattuvangam

SHORT COURSES 2024 - Nattuvangam

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**In-person and Online option available**

5 Days

Start: Monday 4 March 2024
End: Monday 25 March 2024
6.30pm - 8pm |

Taught by resident teacher Sri M Balachandar **In person and online option available**
Nattuvangam is an important part of a South Indian Classical dance recital. Along with the percussion instrument, the dancer is accompanied by Nattuvangam, which is not just spoken rhythm but is also a main musical punctuation and guidance for the dancer.
This course is open to dancers, singers, as well as anyone interested in learning this delightful art. You will learn the basics of tala structure, rhythm accent, rhythm syllables, variations, creativity in composing, and the aspects of Laya (tempo – 3 speeds).

For advanced students, you will also get an insight into the formula to composing endlessly in the Pancha jathi talas – the 5 principal rhythms patterns.